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Steve repairs all makes and models of boat propellers, in aluminum and stainless steel

Prop Repairs
Steve repairs most makes and models and specializes in stainless repairs and modifications. Click here for custom work sheet.

Customer Comment:

"Just wanted to drop you a line and comment to you that the repair you did on my prop for my Yamaha Pro-V a couple of weeks ago was just what the doctor ordered. Although the boat is a 1986, it has always seemed to run better than most newer boats, and now it performs better than a lot of 2006 models.
As a businessman, I am sure that you know the best advertisement you can get is satisfied customers and word of mouth. as you came highly recommended to me, I will be sure to continue this positive networking for you, and will not hesitate to contact you in the future should I have another unfortunate incident and "ding" up my prop again."
Thanks again for your help.
Brad Rosiek


A race team in the UK Race team in the UK
Won World Title using Steve's Prop
2 wins in a row with a modified raker from Steve's Custom Props

Hi mate!
"Here's a photo of us! We won again today ( with your
prop!!!!) We need 7 th tomorrow to take the championship!"
All the best,
"We placed fourth today and took the title!!!!!!!!! First UK competitor in 22 years apparently!

We used your prop in every race!  You won us the world title mate!!!"
Thank you so much!!!!


New - Used Propellers - Jackplates and other products

"The racer's edge" is the boat propeller

New/Used Propellers

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Updated: 6-4-15

Power Tech
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Power Tech props can be exchanged for a 45.00 fee plus shipping
NO returns or refunds on Power Tech or Mercury Propellers
Call for other propeller needs not listed above.


Please Note:
All used propellers will be sold AS-IS. No refunds No exchanges.
Pitch changes or other modifications can be made at customer expenses.
All used propellers will be rated by a scale of 1-10. (1 being the lowest rating of condition, 10 being in a like new condition).

We now offer the following:
Drilling of PVS holes in most props. $10.00 per hole
Flo torque hub conversion. $225.00 hub not included

Prop covers with Steve's Custom Props logo...$40.00 each

Steve's Custom Props T-shirts in stock L or XL $20.00 each
Call Steve to order 1-903-765-9000

Steve's Custom Props T Shirts
This inventory is current, but subject to change. Call for pricing and information

ET3 and ET4 Choppers

Introducing the new ET4

ET $ Chopper Custom Prop

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Changes made to the ET4 High Performance chopper have been made. Thru
years of working on this project Chad Hill and Steve's Custom Props have
come out with this new ET4 Chopper.
A true one piece cast prop made out of 15-5 stainless. Fully modified
true in pitch and balance and now carries a 6 months limited warranty.
Suggested retail price is 609.00 Special pricing at Steve's Custom
Props is 525.00 includes UPS shipping to the lower 48 states. Over seas
shipping available via USPS.

Get yours today and hold on tight to the steering wheel.

WARRANTY:  Steve's Custom Props is not responsible for any damage to boat and motor, including internal lower unit parts DUE to blade failure.  Any et cut chopper being run surface piercing will NOT be covered for any type of blade failure in a racing application.   If you have any questions about your application please contact me before you purchase any et cut propellers.  

Hydro Dynamics Jack Plates

 Hydro Dynamics JackPlatesHydro Dynamics Jack Plates
We now own Hydro Dynamics
 For information on Hydro Dynamics Products, click here to visit website.


In stock  Quicksilver Hub kits for all motors.
Hub components, rubber hubs installed while you wait. We carry a full line of replacement hub components.

For Your Prop Requests:

Click here for work sheet
Simply print the page and fill in the requested info and bring it into the shop or mail it to Steve:
Steve's Custom Props
714 S. Main
Quitman, Texas 75783
Steve will contact you with the details for your prop including pricing.

After you worked on this thing it now has as much or more lift than the TXP. It doesn't drive as easy as the stock RKR but that's because this prop now will lift my hull out of the water. It was windy for I couldn't hold in WOT trim to the max very long but it did pick up 2.7 MPH as per my GPS. Stock out of the box it ran 59.0 on my GPS and faster on the Yamaha speedo- After you did your thing I ran 61.7 today and I know there is a little more because the GPS takes a second to read and I had to back off because of boat traffic . Steve I will run it again on a better day, we have a cold front coming tonight so it will have to wait til next week. Next time out I will see what the RPM's are at WOT. I'm not sure but I think this thing may be able to pull a touch more cup because I think I may be still 100 RPM over. Next week I will know more. Unless its a couple hundred RPM over I may leave it because it feels good.
Thanks again,
Joe Raimondo... Steve, I took the day off of work and ran the RKR for the second time the first time since you worked on it. All I can say is THANKS !!!!